Program Guide


1PM - 1:50PM Career Skills Trends
Workshop Instructor:
Michael Harris
Tulsa Community College
New Business Development & Start-ups
Workshop Instructor:
Cornell Wesley
Economic Development Rep., US Department of Commerce
2PM - 2:50PM Becoming Career Savvy Through Education & Readiness
Workshop Instructor:
Clarence Prevost
Gordon Cooper Technology Center
New Business Start-up Funding
Workshop Instructor:
Bob Crothers
Citizen Potawatomi Nation
3PM - 3:50PM Today's Options for Education/Training
PANEL: OU, OBU, Seminole State College, Gordon Cooper Technology Center
Moderator, Dr. Daryl Green
Empowering Your Health
Workshop Instructor:
Shayla Prevost-Taylor
4PM - 4:50PM OK Black Town Panel
Andre & Jessilyn Head

5PM - 5:50PM Shark Tank
Garfield Doakes
6PM - 9PM Night of Mo' Music (Jazz, R&B, Blues) & Spoken Word
9PM Greatest Step Show On Earth



Career Skill Trends - What are the current career trends for the future? In this informational workshop, participants will learn the invaluable job skills necessary for future careers. In the new digital age, global market and technology skills are evolving continuously, which makes it imperative to be equipped with the right job skills. Workshop Instructor - Michael Harris

Becoming Career Savvy Through Education & Readiness - What jobs skills do you need for better career opportunities? The subtle differences in every step of the job search process determine who ultimately lands the job and who does not. This fact is especially true in a bad economy with high unemployment and lots of job competition. In this inspirational session, participants will learn key strategies and tools to help them succeed in their job search. Workshop Instructor - Clarence L. Prevost Ill


New Business Development & Start-ups - Do you want to start your own business? In this informative workshop, participants will gain a business understanding of what it takes to grow a business including practical tips. At the end of this session, you will walk away with a better understanding of where to get started and where to find the business resources and expertise to be successful. Workshop Instructor - Cornell Wesley

New Business Start-up Funding - Do you need information about how to fund your own business? What options are available? Do you have to do in debt to start your business? In this informative workshop, participants learn the sources of funding including how to approach a financial institution for a business loan. Discover the financial resources available to you. Bring your questions. Workshop Instructor - Bob Crothers


Today's Options for Education/Training Panel - Should you return to school for a 4-year degree, take a short course, or obtain a certification? In this educational track, a panel of experts will share the trends in education and training and share what skills they believe will be necessary for success. Participants will get an opportunity to ask questions and to be understand their options for future education and training.

Oklahoma Black Town Panel - How did the black towns in Oklahoma come into existence? How many black towns now exist in 2019. During World War 11, there was a great migration north and west by former black slaves. In this historical panel discussion, several mayors of Oklahoma Black Towns will provide insight on the original and future path of these rural black towns.

OK Juneteenth Shark Tank Event - Have you ever wanted to pitch your idea on the hit TV series Shark Tank? Now, you can in OK Juneteenth Shark Tank. Participants will have five minutes to pitch their ideas to judges comprised of seasoned business owners and professionals. Come participate or just to watch these participants engage the Juneteenth Sharks.


Empower Your Health - Do you want to improve your health? In this informative workshop, participants will gain a better understanding of a range of health-related topics and preventive measures for the African-American community. Learn about current health threats and trends and participate in a question and answer session. Workshop Instructor - Shayla Prevost-Taylor, BSN